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*If you have any questions, please refer to our F.A.Q. section at the top.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you?

We are a small company that provides marketing research for our clients, a bigger companies which are our sponsors. These sponsors, supply us with a FREE VIP upgrades on a daily basis, which we then further share among our site visitors in our contest. In return, our sponsors ask for certain offers to be filled by our visitors.

This way, all three sides benefit from it. Our sponsors are getting their offers filled by our visitors. You, our visitor, getting a FREE VIP upgrade. And we get a small commision from our clients (sponsors) for the offers that you filled. Sponsors will then use these informations to test the public opinion about their products. In many of their offers, you can even get a FREE sample of their products.

Why you are giving it for free?

As already mentioned, our sponsors are supplying us on a daily basis with a fresh amount of FREE VIP upgrades. In exchange, our visitors are completing one of the offers that are presented on our website.

Why you are not a VIP?

Part of the deal that we have with our sponsors is that we will not use VIP upgrades that they are giving us for our own accounts. Our contract that we signed with our sponsors states that we can only giveaway VIP upgrades to our visitors, which is you. That is why we can't upgrade our own accounts to a VIP. Though, we do have four high level accounts (above level 400) which we use only when we are doing some celebrity promotion, like new album, movie, etc.

How come that you picked me for a contest?

During 24 hours, our system periodically scan the game for currently online players. Then the algorithm of our computers randomly select players which will be invited to be a part of our contest. Sometimes, it may happen that the same players are invited again. That is probably because you were again online at that momment when our system scanned the current players and some amount of luck also helps, ofcorse. We do not have any influence on which players will be invited. System picks them and just supply us with the list of the 'lucky ones' that will be invited.
Note that it's not guaranteed that you will be invited again. So if you did received the invitation for the first time, it is in your best interest to take that opportunity while it is still present.

Time to finish the offer is too short. Help me, I can't make it.

Most of the offers, if not all of them, can be finished in 5-6 minutes. Still we are giving you 60 minutes to finish it. A lot of players rush to finish the offer as soon as possible, but they also fail to provide all required information, or they just use invalid information. Those players, need to start another offer and then, this time, finish it with 100% valid information. That is why you have more then enough time to 'beat' those players which tend to rush things, IF you concentrate to provide a valid information.

I didn't noticed your invitation until now. Did I missed the chance?

We cannot give you straight answer on that question, because it depends from case-to-case. It happen sometimes that when our contest is finished, we still have a few FREE VIP upgrades left, because our contestants didn't managed to finish the offers, or did not provided accurate informations. So, if we try to give you the best possible answer: try to finish one offer and have a little faith that there are still few FREE VIPs left from our last contest round.

why you didn't add me as friend and why you didn't respond to my in-game message?

All our visitors came to our site by special invitation, to join our unique 'Win a FREE VIP' contest. To make this contest stay fair for all invited players, we have a strict rule that we don't add friends. Every contestant has an equal chance to Win a FREE VIP upgrade, and we don't want to give any advantage to any other player, even if it is just a simple 'add me' request.
For the same reason, we don't respond to in-game messages. We believe that our invitation contain clear steps that needs to be done in order to qualify for a FREE VIP upgrade. We're also providing this F.A.Q. page, which you're currently on, so you can read the answers about all the common questions that you sent us over our 'support' section.

Is this a virus?

This certainly, is NOT a virus. As you see, we are not sending you any files.

Are you a hacker?

No. Hacker is a person who try to get your account information. For instance your password.
As you can see, we are not asking you for your password. We are only asking for your username. That way, once you finish all the required steps successfully, we will know which account to upgrade to FREE VIP.

We suggest you to NEVER give your password to anyone.

Stop spamming me!

We appologize if we sent you more then one message. While you may not be aware of it, you were lucky enough to get invited into our 'Win a FREE VIP' contest more then once, which is something that most players desire the most. We will do our best to respect your wish for all future invitations. But we are kindly asking you to understand that we do not have influence on which player will be invited into our contest in the future, because invitations are totally random. The best thing you can do in this case, is to block our username in your game account settings. That way you wont receive any future message from us.

I don't want a VIP ('I already have a VIP'). Can I give this invitation to my friend?

Yes, you can certainly do that. We kindly ask you to provide your friend with full invitation that we sent you so he/she can understand the steps that are required for our 'Win a FREE VIP' contest.

I finished the offer. Where is my VIP?

If you finished all the required steps, and used a valid information, you will get your FREE VIP.

We provide free giveaways for lot of games or services, and even though our servers are top-notch, it happens sometimes that they become overloaded with hundreds of thousands players accross the planet which are trying to open our websites. When it happen that lot of people try to access the server at the same time, our computer need a little time to process all the requests.
So, if you finished an offer completely by using a valid information, don't worry, VIP upgrade is ready for you. Our computer is just processing upgrades for people that finished the offers before you did, and after that it will take care of your own upgrade.

I did all the steps, but nothing happens. Why?

Make sure that you provided all the valid information. It may be that our system found some invalid information that you provided. Please try a different offer and please use a valid information this time.

I can't finish this offer. I can't provide all the information I was asked.

No problem, just reload our website, press the button again, and sellect different offer.

note 1:
We provide you with couple of different offers. While you can pick any of them, it is important to know that you have to finish one of them in order to qualify for a FREE VIP.

Note 2:
If you clicked on all the offers but didn't finished any of them, and now you want to try them again, but you can't start them anymore, you need to clear your browser cookies and then visit our site again. To learn how to clear your browser cookies, in case you don't know how to do it, you can visit this page:
How to Clear Your Browser's Cookies